Sa5m is Will Burton's first friend at his new school in Lodi, New Jersey. She talks in a monotone and slowly because she says that "emotion is overrated" and she used to stutter when she was young. She develops a relationship with Will, but "breaks up" with him when she is stood up for a date and discovers that Will was at an event with Charlotte Barnes, who used to be her babysitter when Sa5m was ten. We discover later that she is a gifted singer. After she reconciles with Will, she is appointed the new lead vocalist in their band. She recognizes long before Will that Charlotte is "hard wired" to run with the high rollers. Sa5m suspects that Charlotte's "experiment" might have wider scope in that a higher intelligence could be controlling their actions ("Charlotte times a trillion"). She replaced Charlotte in the bandslam and sang Everything I Own when the song Someone to Fall Back On (Charlotte's dad, Phil's song) was taken by Ben and the Glory Dogs (Ben is Charlotte's ex trying to get her back) which they thought was a favour to Charlotte because it was her dad's song.

Sa5m is potrayed by Vanessa Hudgens