I Cant Go On Ill Go On bandslam01
I Can't Go On I'll Go On is a band who is very popular after the bandslam. The band consists of eight people Will Burton,who is the manager and coach of the band, Sa5m, the singer of the band in the bandslam, Charlotte Barnes, the popular former-lead singer before the bandslam, Bug, the bass guitarists who loves the red hot chilli peppers, Omar, the lead guitarist, Basher Martin, the drummer with a crush on Will's mother, Kim Lee,the keyboardist and Irene Lerman,the chellist. Charlotte, Bug and Omar were the original members of the band and then Will becasme the Manager and coach and found more people for the band. When it was near to the bandslam Charlotte quit and let Sa5m fill in and sing 'Phil's Song' (Her dads song) But on the night of the bandslam Charlottes Ex Ben and his band The Glory Dogs stole the song thinking they were doing something nice for Charlotte so the band sang Everything i own. they did not win but they got really popular and people started wearing their t-shirts.